Last Night's Parallel New Years Party

We through the sickest Parallel New Years Eve party last night at Skylar's Palace of an apartment. Matt and I went all out on the invitation list and it resulted in an epic turn out. I had friends from freshmen year in high school that I hadn't seen in ages showing up. Ian and Skylar rocked on the tunes.

Unfortunately, our fun was busted by a couple of rat police and after being told about the seven regulations we had violated by having this party, we had to kick the majority of the people out. A few of us smartly stayed behind in order to avoid a snag DUI and Skylar gave a big New Year speech, which we recorded. I wish I had a way to show you the video because it's quite hilarious and touching all the same.

Anyway, I finally got the opportunity to give my Promaster flash a whirl and professionally photograph the party. I have been inspired by www.lastnightsparty.com and think it would be a blast to make my next collection a huge portfolio of party photographs. It would be gnar to do this for a living at huge parties thrown by fashion companies or something.

"There's nothing more thrilling when you're drunk than a photographer."

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