With the recent loss of our dog, Pepper, I have come to further prove to myself that one of my biggest regrets in life is not taking enough pictures of important things like events, family members, and your dog that has been by your side for over half your life. Matt was over smashing peanut butter and jelly into his face while I decided to take a couple of photographs of my cat, Jack, looking out the window. The cat's got about as much personality as a dog and can barely stand still but it got kind of fun after a few accidental shots turned out real well. Matt says, "Aaww, Luna's jealous," and I look up on the rec. room windowsill and just see my poor, fat other cat looking all depressed by an empty food dish as usual so I decided to shoot a few of her as well.

So now I have two fairly decent portraits of my cats but Pepper isn't around anymore. I never took many pictures of Pepper at all, but I took a photograph of her last year when it was snowing that was purely spontaneous that I think is one of the most adorable photographs of a dog her age I have ever seen. I'll be forever proud of it.

Anyway, I think I'll get one of those three-print frames and shove this series in there because I really do love my furry companions to death and never want to forget their faces.

This is my favorite, but didn't make sense with the rest:

Here is the Petbook series:

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