Roomy room is roomy

I've been re-decorating the crap out of my room lately because I'm sick of the same old childish sunset colors that I've had since middle school. I'm trying to get out of the habit of being such a pack rat so I'm finally trying to let go of some of my stuffed animals given to me by friends over the years, as well as a bunch of other junk. My favorite part of my room has got to be my so-called "vintage shelf" above my closet. I've been putting 30s/40s/50s themed stuff up there I've accumulated over the years. It started as a shelf to put all my bouquets (I'm a pack rat when it comes to bouquets, hanging every single one upside down to dry out and saving them) but I've put some other stuff up there like hats, old cameras, a frame with Audrey Hepburn signature in it, etc.

I also recently added in a kind-of art piece recently with intent of hiding my ugly ceiling lights. I have a light blue ceiling and am too lazy to paint it, so I threw up 2 yards of white fabric I bought at JoAnn's and some clouds made of cotton batting and fishing line. It makes a great wall art "chandelier" and diffuses my ceiling lights, giving my room a softer white glow rather than an ugly yellow one.

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