I did a shoot with my darling friend Kamila who I frequently party with up in Bellingham every few weeks or so. Some of the best nights I've had have been with this girl and her two roommates (also good friends of mine) and I really wish I had the opportunity to see them more often. I think I'm going to start sucking it up and making the hour trip up north every other week for at least one night, even if it's just by myself, because I just have the absolute time of my life running around the hippie town and going on spontaneous adventures. It's therapeutic in a sense because having little vacations from home over the weekends really take my mind off school and how much I suck at math.

This is really the first time I've used my flash when photographing some one indoors as an artistic shoot and not a nightlife party event. They turned out alright, but I definitely need some practice with it.

I just love the messy covers in the first shot.

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Anonymous said...

I like the messy covers, too.

You are very good. I found you through your other blog.