Time to get out of here..

I am going to be one of those people who will never understand math no matter what she does. It doesn't matter if I study for my test, if I do my homework, or if I just take a week off and not do anything at all.. It absolutely will not ever, ever, ever click.

I applied for Everett CC and Seattle Central CC, which is well-respected for having the third best photography program in the nation. If Seattle Central CC doesn't work out, which I can see already because the commute is ridiculous, it will take up my entire weekday life, and I will need to take out a student loan, I will go to Everett. Unfortunately, Everett has a math requirement. I will do anything and everything to avoid taking another math class for the rest of my life.

I got acceptance letters from both, but now I need to go speak with counselors and see which of my classes will transfer over from Edmonds. I've been sitting in this college doing academic palookie for the last year and a half, and all because I want to make my parents proud. They've stressed the importance of education on me since I was back in private school, and it must be such a let-down to have spent all this money on schools and classes my whole life and here I am on the bring of failing math 90 and wanting to devote my life to creativity.

I want this so bad.

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