Oh my god, Green Lantern!

We haven't had one of our big Parallel promo parties in ages. Originally, last night was supposed to be a Superhero-themed party that we had planned for quite some time, but our venue deal got screwed up and we were unable to use it. I'm trying hard to get it postponed but so far, I haven't heard from the guy.
Instead, Skylar threw a "chill progressive" party at his place last night. It wasn't too big at all, as we didn't invite many people, but it was definitely a relaxed, chill night. A few friends of mine I met on WoW one or two years ago are in town at the moment and I invited them to come out. They had been at Comic Con all day and dressed up like super heroes, which is originally where we got the whole "Super Hero" idea for the party, and Jade just decided to come in her Green Lantern costume out of laziness. I wouldn't want to wash green paint off my face and spoil and opportunity for crazy photos either.

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