Rusted Wheels

Melanie, Audrey and I originally set off in hopes of finding some cool crap at the swap meet, but we ended up going on about six million nature walks throughout the afternoon in the middle of nowhere, Snohomish. We hit up a couple of abandoned houses and burnt shacked, as well as finding a real, live "cloverfield" and a garage filled with a bunch of beautiful beat up cars and vans from the 60s and 70s. I feel like an idiot for not bringing my camera out today, but I was able to cop Melanie's for a few to take some shots. Surprisingly enough, a few of them turned out alright.
After everything, we drove down the country road and found an entry way into one of those gorgeous forests where all the trees are planted in perfect lines. I think they're put there specifically for paper harvesting. They're quite beautiful, though. The entire wood is green from top to bottom and they go on for miles. We started catching frogs and we even saw a silly brown ferret thing in a tree who was watching us contently.

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