Teela and I went down to LA for like a week and spent the whole time running around Hollywood and club hopping. We would somehow end up at a new house or apartment every night because we suck at planning ahead. I think we decided to go on this little adventure a good week or so before we even went. We drove down with Matt, who is moved down there to do his photography mumbojumbo in the land of stars. It was the most painful freaking drive of my life, and I don't even remember it.

Anywho, our buddy Jen is a DJ down there and essentially hooked us up with the high life. She DJs at La Violette at The Standard Hollywood. She did an Animal Party event on the Wednesday night we were down there so I brought my camera and went nuts with the photo-taking. They're some of the best party pictures I've taken. Probably because I figured out the whole back curtain flash palookie.. I don't even know what it's called. Some photographer I am..

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