Tony, Isaiah, David and I ventured up to Bellingham last night to this "Around The World" party where there were like seven houses named after different countries. Basically, you pay ten bucks and the party cleans it out house-by-house until there's nowhere to go, and then you just travel back and forth amongst them.

We made teams (Tony & I were Furious George, Isaiah and David were Japanda Bear) and met up with Dustin and Shaun (Team Yoshi) and created this point system based off getting numbers, bumming cigarettes, and pretty much doing anything badass. Pretty much anything would subtract points (i.e. dying, passing out, or blowing chunks all over your teammate's shoes).

I won't say who won or lost.. Not that my team lost or anything...... It doesn't matter. It's all fun and games. It was a mad blast meeting people through photographing them and fooling around with the new fisheye. At one point, this guy says to me, "Awesome camera, but wrong place to bring it!" Are you kidding me? I couldn't think of a better place.

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