The Mad Hatter

I've been meaning to design a hat for a few months. I suppose I always say I am going to create a work of art, and then I just sort of put it off until, well, never. The whole black vintage headwear with lace, feathers and flowers could quite possibly be my favorite form of fashion, and considering I have a total boner for Alice in Wonderland, designing a top hat always just sounded like a good idea. The only problem was finding one that I could afford.

I ended up finding a very crude one for $9.99 at the Halloween superstore, some flower-printed translucent black fabric at JoAnn's, and a hair piece I've never really used on my shelf. I also purchased a weird black lace thing a few months ago at an antique mall. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it, but I guess I finally found a use. All that, some thread and some hot glue made this:

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