Five years too late

I have absolutely no idea why I am creating yet another blog.  I've been a hardcore Live Journal user since I was 14 years old.  I have essentially written in it almost every single day for the last five years and it's very sentimental to me, regardless of whether or not it is some silly internet blog.  Nearly my entire teenage life and all the important events that have occurred to shape me into who I am are recorded in it.

I'm not using Blogspot for personal junk.  In fact, there's a chance I'll forget about it after today.  I was thinking it would be more used as a thing to record my progress with photography so I can see how my art has changed over time rather than my life as a whole.  I seem to have lost track of specific milestones in my 5 years of photography that has gotten to where I am now, so I plan on using this blog as something to record down the things I've learned.  I will also most likely add some photo tips and tricks I have learned to share with others and to just keep handy for future reference.

Photography is very important to me and has played such a large role in my life.  It would only make sense to keep track in a journal of some sort.

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