BeeBop & RockSteady, Shwayze, and the mystical, terrible luck of Jaki

By the time Melanie and I had gotten to El Cor, some not-so-good rap duo was bellowing about "you drive me crazy crazy crazy" and I had already missed BeeBop.  Luckily for me, I was on the guest list so I got in without having to dish out a 20 dollar bill.

I figured I may as well stay for the rest of the show since Melanie had to pay, the poor thing.  The Shwayze show was pretty sick, although I'm terrible with concerts where I don't know the band members or am not an extreme, die-hard fan of the music and I just can't take much before I'm bored stiff.  

I was standing at the back of the venue with an okay view of the stage and figured I'd take a couple of photographs anyway just to get a feel for the lighting in the room.  Being so far away and having a fat pole in my way made things less than satisfactory and the majority of my pictures turned out pretty crappy, but I got a few alright ones.

Time to get a big kid speed light and a tiny soft box.

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