BeeBop & Rock Steady at Chop Suey

I've photographed a show before.. once.  Ever.  Tonight was the second show I ever shot, and it was my buddys' band BeeBop & Rock Steady over at Chop Suey on Capitol Hill. I'm not gonna lie, it was quite an honor to be asked to shoot their first show. Aww, bebes. They are such a fun group, suuuuuch a fun group. I hate shows. Don't ask why. I just do... but I actually enjoyed myself tonight even though I watched the majority of it through a ratty viewfinder.

This was a rough one.. My shutter speed was around 40 and my ISO about 1600 all night long, so most of them turned out like grainy pieces of blurred shit. I have no idea how the pros do it. The hardest part was getting the two punks toward the back because it is just so damn dark back there, and the more I zoom, the more my aperture wants to take a shit on my dick. Thank god for Adobe Lightroom.

Anyway, here are some photographs from the shoot:

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