Tips & Techniques: Camera Stability

Every time before a new kind of photo shoot, I always google for a couple of different techniques just so I'm prepared.  I have a photo shoot on Sunday at Chop Suey for my friend's band "BeeBop N RockSteady".  The last time I photographed a band was about two years ago for Project G-Spot at El Corazon.  Needless to say, it was absolutely horrid.  I had no idea what I was doing.

My biggest problem by far was stabilizing my camera.  I found this website that has six useful techniques for keeping your camera stable in low-lit conditions.

"As often as possible pull your elbows in to your body and exhale completely before depressing the shutter. When you’re working with a wide aperture or low shutter speed (or both), even a breath can introduce shake. Pulling your elbows tight to your body can really help keep you steady. I also press my elbows firmly into my chest for even greater stability."

I strongly encourage people to check this site out.  The majority of the techniques are geared toward photographers who use telephoto or any larger zoom lens.  However, some of the tips will definitely come in handy at my shoot this Sunday.

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