"Pins and Needles" shoot with Melanie

I had another photo shoot with Melanie today.  I wanted to do something very fancy, elegant and pin-up, as well as getting some photographs of some one wearing my prom dress from high school.

To be honest, they aren't that excellent.  Although the colors and quality are my personal best ever, I feel as though they are a bit bland.  I used my Canon EF 1.8 50mm lens, which I rarely use and really should more often.  I focused a lot on capturing the prettiness and the details, such as her hair, the lace, and the dress.  Although I am very excited about these, I think I could have been a bit more artistic.  

Today was my first ever attempt at "pincurls", which I learned how to do on some Australian soccer mom's YouTube video.  I think they came out absolutely wonderfully for a first try.  They are definitely tricky to make and keep in place, but thanks to a spritz of AeroGel here and there, they stayed in form the entire shoot.  It almost makes me want to get into hair design.

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