Snow, snow & snow

I woke up around nine (this is an epic accomplishment for me) to it snowing dinosaurs. I always feel bad because I get so stoked for the snowfall and then I never play around in it. Finally decided to do something about it and take my camera outdoors to shoot some icicles, which failed, and ended up getting a few shots of Jack and Pepper playing in the snow together, as well as some really boring grass stuff.

The picture of Jack isn't nearly as precious as the one I took of Pepper last year, not to mention it isn't in focus at all either, but it's still pretty adorable. I love this cat to death. I was kicking snow and he was chasing it. What a gangster kitten.

Now I'm sitting here in my cozy living room listening to hard electronic and trying to figure out what I should do about the plethora of neighbor kids absolutely molesting my pristine, snowy lawn. I was contemplating threatening to take away their rights to be Americans until I saw they had this curious snowball-making contraption that makes THE PERFECT snowballs. I don't stand a chance. They can have my yard...

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