Finally busting out the Edmonds CC shenanigans

After about a million years, I finally updated the Edmonds CC portfolio on my website with some of the photos I've taken this and late last year.  I'm not exactly proud of the majority of my work from the college because a lot of it is boring, bland promotional junk with poor indoor lighting.  I still have yet to master the whole external flash deal, but I'll get there eventually... as soon as I can figure out why it hasn't been working.

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EdmondsCCPIO said...

Hi Jaki,
Sorry you're not having so much fun at your job taking photos at the college. I know it can be hard to make those classroom shots interesting...but check out some of the Photos of the Year 2008 by reporters at the Seattle PI http://seattlepi.nwsource.com, Scott Eklund and Mike Urban's pics for example. Photojournalism may not be your thing, but there's some great examples of how these guys, on deadline, take yet another picture of the governor, a business owner, or a guy behind a desk and make it interesting and memorable.