Wall Art

I dragged Melanie to a few different craft stores yesterday, including JoAnn Frabics and Michael's. It was a total walk down memory lane because my Nana used to take me to craft stores multiple times a week when I was young for paints, knitting supplies, etc. in order to encourage me to be artistic. I remember wanting to buy everything in the store and having all these ideas of what I would do if I could have this and this and that. Needless to say, I felt the exact same way yesterday.

My original plan was to find a vintage-looking dome bird cage for an art piece I'm wanting to work on, but I ended picking up few record frames for 4 bucks a pop and decided to grab those for some wall art over my bed. I was thinking about printing some one else's photographs of the Eiffel Tower and little french coffee shops, but I decided I would rather have my own work framed. It took me forever to come with a good set of three photographs of different people and items that all fit together by theme and color, but these were the ones I picked out:

(Click image for full view)

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