On the set with Matt Verzola

I offered to style a model's hair for one of Matt Verzola's shoots for his college submissions. The girl, Audrey, had significantly shorter hair than anything I had really worked with before. In all honesty, I wasn't quite sure where to start. I backcombed and spritzed a couple of strips and fastened them with a bobby in order to keep them elevated. With every strip, I would just slide it under the same pin until, oops, now it's starting to look like some kind of flower.. Heyy, this is pretty cool..

So I left it at that.. Her fringe was now reminiscent of a flower, and now all I had to do is foof up the rest of her hair to make things a tad more dramatic. I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I just backcombed the rest of her head into a bunch of frizzy spikes.

I came along on the shoot, which was in some alley on The Hill in Seattle, for damage control purposes.. you know, in case some strands needed spritzing. I had the opportunity to help with creative directing. Other than stepping in bum shit on accident, I actually enjoyed myself but boy, I was really itchin' to shoot...

Photos by Matt Verzola

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