Scissor Me Timbers!

This is the video from the party I had on Valentine's day this year. I wanted to have a lingerie party, and then later changed my mind when I realized I didn't want to spend money on expensive lace and made it into a pirate party... That didn't quite fly with the man friends, however. Ever heard of Pirates XXX, the highest budget porno in the world? That's this in real life, minus the high budget.

This is a promotional video for the DJ duo "Parallel". The video was produced and edited by me (with a few clips done by Ian Linden). The reason it is all tinted blue is because I have a party photography series called "Where Were You Last Night" with this sort of tint. It can be found at http://www.portolesephotography.net

This is my first video I have ever put together, so forgive me if the music isn't synched properly or whatever else is wrong with it.

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