Parallel at Mirkwood

I've been slacking off on the blog-updating.. I update so many photo websites that I just get lazy nowadays.

Parallel had their first show and album release last night at a little venue/tattoo parlor/hair salon/etc. in Arlington last night. It was a total blast, even though the owner forbade me to go anywhere off stage or without a camera in fear of losing his liquor license. Understandable. I did some videography as well, but I won't have the video put together until Monday or Tuesday night.

They were selling a poster as well which was a photo collage of the best party photographs that I've taken at our club events and parties over the last few months. Needless to say, Melanie took a few of them as well because I'm definitely in a good amount of them.

Parallel is such a fun show. They did a lot of visual things I was not expecting that I wish I would have gotten on camera. They involve the crowd so much by going down and dancing with them, having people come up on stage, getting people to dance on the speakers, etc.

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