The "Rightside Up" House Party

I got this Facebook event invitation for this so-called "Upside down" house BONANZA earlier this week, and of course the picture on the event is a bunch of drunks crowded around an upside down house in some gravel quarry somewhere. Sick. I also see that Parallel is there, which means the entire Parallel entourage is invited along as well. Sicker.
I had previous plans to go to a kegger thing cancelled that night, so I totally needed this. However, of course the house is totally right side up and chillin'. I had my entourage I came with pretend to flip it upside down. The photo came out horrible so I'm not even going to post it on my blog, but needless to say, they failed hard. They needed my strong guns in there I think. Too bad I had to control the camera.
The basement was where all the music was at. The lighting was pretty sick in there and we had an extremely decent amount of people on the dance floor. I saw countless familiar faces and met a couple of cool people with profane t-shirts like the one I was wearing that night.
Eventually, I walked outside and saw there were at least 100 people scattered around the backyard, which just so happened to be some one's FRONT yard as well, about 20-30 people in the front yard, and at least 40-50 people sweaty, dancing bodies losing their shit to hard electro downstairs. I guess like 5 cruisers pulled up and threatened to make everyone pay a $280 fine if they didn't leave in 7 minutes, which we all know is a bullshit excuse to see which of the five can tag the most DUIs on a Saturday night. I stayed. Nothing happened.

Seven purses got stolen as well. That was also stupid.

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Silvia! said...

I feared for my purse. Yaki you da best