Loko Four BBNR!

Im just Loko Four BBNR. I haven't photographed ANY of their shows, except for the first one before I was even really that well-acquainted with them. I offered to shoot their show at the Whammy Bar this Friday. However, I'm 20 years-old so there were definitely strings to be pulled.

Some brohan that runs the place named Adam got me right in by drawing this dorky X on my hand with a sharpie, which is still there and not trying to come off anytime soon. I basically kicked it outside and made sad faces at all my 21+ buddies inside through the window, making it fog up with my breath and writing love notes to them all.

Eventually, Teela showed up with the Four Loko and a few of our other buddies and we all hung out in the alley behind the bar and took stupid pictures all night long. For being 20 years-old at a bar in Everett of all places, I had a damn good time, and the show was sick. I definitely need to listen to BBNR more.

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