What happens when you wear a werewolf mask to Jack in the Box

Alright folks, let's talk parties. Or not really parties, but get-togethers.

I swear to god, the best way to finish a bad day is to grab Teela, down some red wine, and go to Jack in the Box with a werewolf hat on. I was hanging out at Kris Pacheco's (of BBNR) place and that Walker fellow from Boomzzilla was there complete with his werewolf mask and everything. Needless to say, I don't sport it nearly as well as he does, but I threw it on and had completely forgotten about it when I hopped into the car with everyone to go to jack. I had to pay separate because I only had plastic, and I swore my card was about to overdraw so I couldn't swipe for everyone. Walked on inside, immediately met two dudes in gangster clothes. They were asking me about my hat, and telling me to put it on all the way like a mask. "Why are you wearing a werewolf mask?"

"Why not?"

Afterward, I made a quick exit with my two cheeseburgers and tried to walk around to where the drive-thru spat out and hop back in the car. The car was out of sight and around the corner at the pick-up window, so I stood there awkwardly eating a cheeseburger in the most random place possible, wearing a werewolf on my head and hoping that no one tried to talk to me because I sure as hell didn't have answers.

Some scrawny, old dude smoking a cigarette from St. Vincent de Paul, or so he claimed, came up and asks, "How are you?" I tell him I am fine and ask how he is. Awkward silence. I ask if he works around here, and he tells me he does. I forgot what we were talking about, but I remember saying, "Ohhh, you're on top of things!" And he responded with, "..I wish I was on top of things."

Anyway, this guy starts talking about St. Vincent de Paul and how the vests used to be blue, and that Value Village was their rival. He says St. Vincent changed their vests to red like Value Village because it used to be like Bloods vs. Crips. So I supposed it would be logical to assume both thrift stores are just Bloods now. Excellent

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