"Last Night Blue"

My Sunday went by before I even busted out my Bible and bottle of red wine. It's 2:37 in the morning on MONDAY, technically, and I've been sitting here for the last few hours completely re-mastering my party website.

All the cool kid photographers in LA have these superhero names, like "Kid Paparazzi" and "Shadowscene" for instance. Most of the witty names are taken, such as "Seven Days A Weekend" so I've been just sticking to Portolese Photography this entire time. I wanted a name that had to do with my blue tones, so I was considering "Deep Blue" or something of the sort. I posted one of my album covers on Facebook and asked for name suggestions, and my friend Dustin Koontz said, "Last Night Blue".

At first, I didn't get it. It's stupid. Last Night Blue? And then I said it aloud.. Last night blue.. Last night BLEW! Ohhhh sososososo witty Dustin. And depending on how much alcohol you managed to down the night before, the name isn't too off-topic. I love it. Not to mention my signature looks absolutely rowdy.
(Photo by: Melanie Mundy)

So hey, check out my new party section at http://www.portolesephotography.net. The first link on the page "last night blue" will direct you to the album page in the frame below with each event in chronological date. Not all albums have photos in them yet. It's tough work, so only the most recent ones do.

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