Jaki's Top 5 Party Countdown

I only ever blog about shoots and parties themselves, so I decided to write about something else for once. It's still technically blogging about parties, but whatever. I always ask myself what the best party I've ever been to was, and I can never really decide. They just keep getting better and better!

5. Ola's 20th Birthday at the Gravel Quarry

Everything about this party owned. The epically long drive up, the 10 mile drive on a dirty gravel road in a convertible breathing dust for about 30 minutes straight, the mosquitos, the glowsticks, the live DJ in the wilderness, the 20 foot bonfire, the overflow of the Polish community, and waking up in my car to the sound of huge fireworks all being thrown into a fire pit and rednecks yelling BLACK METALLLLLLL!

4. Jen's Animal Party at Standard Hollywood Purple Lounge

Hardly anyone dressed up for this party to be honest, but Teela and I were rocking kitty ears all night long. This one gets in the top 5 soley for having like 2938429 DJs in one night, having it's own makeup artist that made Matt look like a panda, and just because it was in LA. I mean, come on. It was an absolute blast. I got free shots, bought my first ever drink from a bar, and the photos were amazing.

3. Holly's Pirates vs. Ninjas Party

I think any theme having to do with pirates is automatically set up for win. I decided to go to this party totally last minute and ended up devoting the entire day to putting together a sick costume. I didn't actually photograph at this event, but Holly's fisheye did more than I could've ever done. I met a truckload of people, ran into a ton of familiar faces, was reunited with a few old, old friends from elementary and middle school, and basically sat in the grass all night chain smoking and drinking beer.

2. Get your GEEK on, let's get NERDY!

Most likely one of the sicker themed parties I've held. This ranks number 2 solely because everyone seemed to be a natural geek. This party had the best costumes I've ever seen at any party. People did a daaaamn good job with this theme. This was a toss up with the Pirate party because this party essentially had zero cleanup. I had more people at this party that I didn't know than any other party, but people were totally respectful. By the time the cops came, there were no incriminating items anywhere in the house so they really had no reason to think we were drunk at all. Pretty sneaky.

1. Scissor Me Timbers! The Pirate Party

The Pirate party I had on Valentine's day this year tops all the rest and always has. It was the first actual huge party I've ever had, completely BYOB, no complaints from the neighbors, no cops, nothin'. Almost everyone followed the theme and dressed as a pirate. I made my first killer party video, took some absolutely amazing photographs of people being shwasted, and some of us ended up watching Pirates porn later in the evening. Also, I can't forget breaking up a fight over a bag of cocaine between two strangers in my underwear in my own front yard, as well as Gino eating popcorn off the floor and taking about Mexicans all night long. Epic night.

Check out the video!

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