Finally, a shoot with Teela.. and a bit of Leta too!

We spontaneously decided to do a shoot in Leta's shire of a backyard. The weather was just total crappness and we were wearing jackets and scarves in the middle of summertime. Not too inspiring. After wearing our thinking caps a bit, Leta had this magnificent idea to have Teela jump in the pond. "No, no.. I've swam in here millions of times. There are no monsters and the sand won't suck you in."

Freezing. Cold. We did a few pictures, and then Teela jokingly asked her to jump in.. Only Leta actually thought it was a good idea and got in with her, so I got to work with both of them a little bit. It was kind of a neato feel with the whole water-nymph deal, although I probably could've done better.

"By the way, I haven't actually ever been in this pond. I was just saying that so you'd get in.." - Leta

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