Booga-Booga! Tribal Party

I spent the majority of this party freaking the hell out. My house was overrun with people in warpaint and grass skirts and I was too busy worrying about something getting broken or something being spilt on my freshly steam-cleaned white carpet that I barely took a second to breath and enjoy myself. It was real unfortunate and I really had no reason to panic at all, as no cops came and the noise was not too loud from outside.

A lot of people were extremely disrespectful, cutting the zip-ties on my fridge, and someone dropped and smashed green warpaint into my carpet (which was washable, thank god). One girl caused such a ruckus I didn't even know what to do with myself. A lot of the costumes were just amazing and almost everyone took advantage of my acrylics and gave the camera some amazing warpaint bologna to photograph.

A lot of the pictures from the evening were taken by Josh Mueting and Melanie Mundy.

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