Have Fun, Die Young

The quote comes from some guy on the back patio talking about how we're young and to just chain smoke cigarettes all you want because it's fun. Yada yada yada.

This one was held at Josh and Gino's house. They seriously brought in the bar from Holly's just for this party, so you know it was intense. There were a ton of unfamiliar faces to me, and then some surprise familiar ones I didn't expect to show up. My "crew" completely dipped without word, so I just sort of stuck to two or three people the entire night.

I don't know where it came from, but everyone eventually started rolling around in the grass. Not sure what happened there. It was pouring down rain and muddy, and everyone was just stoked on it.

Eventually, we all ran out of cigarettes, so Holly, Gino, Rico and I walked all the way to 7-11 in the downpour, which was so bad to the point we started running through sprinklers because it didn't even matter anymore. The chick at the register thought I'd gone mad. We jacked a few "New Homes!" signs and shoved them into some random yard on the way back. Then we all crashed on the floor and froze to death. It was rad.

Other than the hypothermia part, it was an absolute blast.

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Silvia! said...

Looks like a blasty blast =]