My life is basically over

I honestly don't even know what to do with myself at this point. Whenever I charge my batteries and pop 'em into my flash, the red light that shows whether its on or not just starts strobing like a bad dance party that I can't photograph anyway BECAUSE MY FLASH IS BROKEN. It just flickers. If you push the flash in and hold the shutter button down for a while, sometimes it'll work. Sometimes. It's almost as though the flash doesn't understand that, hey, I just charged the batteries and you're supposed to work.

So I had to turn down a shoot with some band because of it. I don't know if things like this can get fixed or if warrantees even exist. I got it for Christmas, so who knows.. but I will probably die if I don't get it working again. It turns on, the flash still works.. Just only sometimes. I'm afraid I dropped it or something. FML

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