My pride and joy

I don't take enough photographs of Jack, which is odd because he has one of the strongest personalities I've ever seen in a cat. Sometimes I feel like he understands when I speak to him. If I express to him that I don't want him doing something, he won't do it. If I want him to sit still for the camera, he will.

He is my pride and joy. I feel horrible that I'm not home and around him often, but he is still young and hopefully will be with me for the rest of my twenties. I don't really know what I'll do when he leaves me. It's going to be impossible to find another cat like him.

I took this photo last January, I believe. I've been going through my old folders on my external in search of pictures for the frames hanging over my bed. I found this, rotated it vertically and threw some filters on it. This one is going to be the 8x10 in the very center.