The Wintry Spells

Leta and I decided to do a shoot completely on a whim. I had no expectations for it whatsoever, and I was beginning to get discouraged by the extreme sunlight and my lack of technological skill shooting in it.

Let me just say that I am actually shocked and impressed with myself. I have come so stinkin' far with my photography since I started school, and all I've done was take a design class I had no idea I was actually benefiting from and a basic photography class I never attended. Lately, I've been trying to include a little bit of design in my work by pairing up multiple photos into art pieces. It's just so unique and different from a lonely photo to me. It's like a whole new form of art within photography.

These are The Wintry Spells:

I received an email last night from some one who wanted to feature my work in an art walk yesterday, and assuming everything goes as planned, I'm definitely going to include a bunch of these.


TheSpaciousLife said...

Jacquelyn, I happened to be at first Thursday this week and happened upon this beautiful exhibit! You were my favorite showing; taking simple and even rough settings and finding the intricate beauty in them. Stunning. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.
Rachel Lund

Szarottka said...

Nice pictures :) Lovely cat :)